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Why Do We Need Vitamin D? And Where Do We Get It?

If you read my Holiday Gift Guide, you already saw that I am a huge fan of the Nordic Naturals EPA and DHA supplement, Algae Omega, a superb alternative to fish oil. I get a lot of questions about what supplements I use, so I thought I’d share a two of my essentials – Vitamin D and Omega 3, […]

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Gift Guide 2013 – Gifts For An Athlete on Your List

Wasn’t it Thanksgiving just a few days ago? How is it already Christmas? And the New Year just two weeks away! I must have slept through it because it really took me by surprise this year. If you are a procrastinator who loves to give and still have a fitness geek on your holiday shopping […]

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What Makes Us Stay Focused? Video Chat with Anne-Bishop. Brain Focus 101.

Staying focused is something that I consistently have to work on. There are a million business books that seemingly solve productivity problems, and I think I already read about half-million of them. And still, there is a big piece missing. None of them actually explain how the brain works, or what it takes to stay […]

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Sugar and Fat

Why We Can’t Stop Eating Fat and Sugar

Paul J. Kenny, an associate professor, who studies mechanisms of drug addiction, mental illness, and obesity, recently published a very interesting study. And it all comes down to this. Certain foods literally play mind-tricks on us. Let’s say you made a pact – I won’t eat dessert after every meal, and will not touch the cookies in […]

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Slow and Steady – Zone Training Experiment

Remember this? The morning of the CIM last year. Pouring rain, fear, excitement, and body-chilling wind? And this? Learning how to walk again after 26.2 miles. And this? All of it being 100% worth after crossing the finish line. Having my family’s support, running to raise money for ALS, and running alongside Team Veg to […]

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