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Vegan Chili + Ultimate Chili Bowls

It’s been raining for a week, and when it rains, I have chili on the mind. Things have been more or less a whirlwind lately – work is very busy, and I’m spending most of my free time training and teaching pilates. Searching for balance throughout the week, I turn again to planned-ahead meals, so […]

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Packed Gluten Free + Vegan “Meatballs”

Happy Sunday, everyone! I gave Eric two choices as part of our weekly meal plan – “meatballs” or burgers. He picked “meatballs”. I would prefer to call them something other than “meatballs” because these obviously don’t have meat, but since meatballs are classic, I was having trouble coming up with a better name. Finally, I decided […]

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Stuffed Bell Peppers with Wild Rice + Barley

These stuffed bell peppers are a part of my new Weekly Meal Plans  page, recipes that will make a ton of leftovers that you can easily spruce up throughout the week for healthy quick meals. These peppers are really easy to reheat and recreate in different way throughout the week for quick dinners and lunches. You […]

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Which Produce to Buy Organic – Your Pesticide Guide

Fruits and vegetables are important for a healthy body, but it doesn’t make sense to eat food contaminated with pesticides. Some crops are more contaminated than others, so if you can’t buy 100% organic, pesticide-free produce, it’s good to know which produce is most susceptible to contamination. Some people go by a very general rule of […]

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Easy Breakfast. Vegan + Gluten Free Mini Quiches

Whether your new year’s resolution is NOT to skip breakfast, or even if you already eat your breakfast every day (good for you!) and want to spice things up, I have a recipe that will get you out of your breakfast rut. We all know that eating breakfast is good for us; it speeds up our […]

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