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Gift Guide 2013 – Gifts For An Athlete on Your List

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Wasn’t it Thanksgiving just a few days ago? How is it already Christmas? And the New Year just two weeks away! I must have slept through it because it really took me by surprise this year. If you are a procrastinator who loves to give and still have a fitness geek on your holiday shopping […]

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Video: Pilates Fundamentals Part 3

Pilates Fundamentals 2

Ok friends, here is the last video of the three-part Pilates fundamentals series. In this video, I share some of my favorite mat exercises, like the single and double leg stretch. I also walk you through the roll-up and the swan. Remember, I go into much more detail about proper form, alignment, purpose, and goal of […]

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Video: Pilates Fundamentals Part 2

Pilates Fundamentals 2

If you watched the first part of the series and practiced your toe taps, you can probably already tell that the moves that seem “easy”, are not. Especially, when you focus on the goal of the movement and do the exercise with good form. Does that sound like a drag? Why would you want to […]

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Video: Pilates Fundamentals Part 1


The Pilates Fundamentals Series is here! This video is the first video of a three-part Pilates 101 or Pilates Fundamentals series that will cover important concepts and exercises, including locating neutral spine and imprint, pelvic stability, spinal articulation, and exercises, like bridging, 100s, leg circles, single leg stretch and much more! I often get questions […]

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Focus Makes A Difference + What’s This Mind-Body Connection?


When people talk about Pilates, they usually say something about the mind-body connection. But what is this mysterious mind-body connection? Seriously. Is it just something people say? Does it actually mean something? When I started learning about Pilates, I became familiar with the principle of concentration, almost right away. It was simple – if I […]

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