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Focus Makes A Difference + What’s This Mind-Body Connection?


When people talk about Pilates, they usually say something about the mind-body connection. But what is this mysterious mind-body connection? Seriously. Is it just something people say? Does it actually mean something? When I started learning about Pilates, I became familiar with the principle of concentration, almost right away. It was simple – if I […]

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It’s Getting Green in Here: Green Juice and Smoothies

3-12-13 Green Juice Feature

Are you doing anything special for St. Patrick’s Day? I’m starting my day running in the Shamrock Half Marathon with Team Veg, followed by another Sunday-Funday Pilates HIIT session. But who said we have to wait until St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate green? I celebrate it every day in my kitchen and hope you are inspired […]

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Video: Toned Legs and Glutes + Pilates Workout for Runners

2-22-13 Video Friday

It’s Friday, and I have a workout video that’s a real butt kicker – seriously, it actually is! I know we are in the middle of our Plank Challenge, but I’m full of ideas for your spring training. So here is one that I’m sure you’ll love. I figure, hey, it’s Spring time, the weather is nice […]

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Plank Power – How to Do a Plank and March Plank Challenge

The Power of the Plank (1)

Focus on one word today. Ready? Plank. Do you love it or hate it?  If you hate it, chances are that you don’t practice it enough. What is it about this word? In class, all I have to say is  “plaaaaa” and I hear groans from every corner of the room. But then, I look […]

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Video: Working Out but Not Seeing Results? 3 Tips That Will Help

2-22-13 Video Friday

Have you been on the workout track since the new year….or ever since you can remember? Like a committed and dedicated person, you’ve been putting in the hours – week after week. And as much as you hate weighing yourself and know that it’s not about the number you see on the scale, you certainly wouldn’t […]

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