A New Citrus Love – Grapefruit Benefits and Juice Recipe

I have a crush.

Is it possible to have a food crush?

I’ll be honest. I have a crush on grapefruits.

I can’t get enough of them –  I even highlighted them in my April newsletter and then just had to share their benefits here.

As a matter of fact, I’m eating  a grapefruit right now.

I don’t think of it as a real problem yet, but I’ll let you know if I need to be cut off.

Aside from the taste (the gold variety is my favorite, by the way), grapefruits have a slew of health benefits that you should know about.

Reasons to Love Grapefruits

Grapefruits are alkaline. Paradoxically, a typical characteristic of some alkaline fruits is that they contain a strong acidic compound, citric acid, that must be neutralized in order to extract and utilize the alkaline minerals.

So once you eat the grapefruit, it’s actually incredibly alkalizing in your body even though it doesn’t seem that way.

3 Reasons to give them a try: 

1. Restore ph balance. Why is that a good thing? An alkaline/acid balance in the body is important. Most traditional diets are acid forming. An access of acidity causes inflammation, stiffness, tissue degeneration, water retention, itchy skin, and dehydration.

2. Skin cleansing. Grapefruits contain the anti-inflammatory and skin-cleansing enzyme, bromelain. Grapefruits are the mildest citrus fruit in acid content, yet they retain the strong antiseptic, mucus-dissolving properties found in all citrus fruits. They are also mild in sugar content, making them gentle on the pancreas as well as blood sugar levels. So eat on to cleanse skin without worrying about the sugar.

3. Help with weight loss. Grapefruits can support your weight-loss plan, as they are high in enzymes that burn fat, have high water content, and less sodium. A combination of these three characteristics make grapefruit a great food for increasing your body’s metabolism.

How to use them:

Simply peel and eat whole, juice in your juicer solo, or add to vegetables for a citrus-infused veggie juice.

Here’s a great juice to try.

Pink Cleanse Juice
2 grapefruits
1 apple
3 carrots
a sliver of ginger
3 stalks of celery

And another tip – don’t toss the skin! 

A grapefruit peel makes a great skin cleanser. Grapefruits are wonderful at lifting particles off the face. Just take a peel and run across your face for an extra smoothing, silky, and clean feel.

A word of caution though – grapefruits are known to have problematic interactions with certain medications. So if you are taking medications, do some research first.

Ok, off to make more juice!

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