Video: Myofascial Shoulder Release With A Foam Roller + Week 4 of Plank Challenge

Are you sore from all the planking?

I know the Plank Challenge is tough, but I am so proud of you for sticking to it!

It’s finally week 4 so, there is a new plank routine. If you need a refresher of this week’s routine, check out this video, where I walk you through all the different planks for your last week.

It’s going to get you ready for that last day of March, when we hold our final plank. So excited!

But first, I have another video to share. It’s a great stretch and muscle release.

Are you feeling a little tight through the upper body?

If you are, I have just the thing for you.

Remember this post on injury prevention? It’s all about stretching and releasing the legs with myofascial release.

Now that we’ve been planking, it’s also important to take the time to stretch our working muscles. In addition to your shoulder stretches, get comfy on the roller and get ready to experience a deep release with this routine.

If you have a roller at home, do this myofascial release before you do your planks to lengthen and oxidize the fascia and release shoulder tension. If you don’t have a roller, I strongly suggest you get one. They are fairly inexpensive, and are very useful tools for at home stretching and Pilates practice.

A little fascia review

Fascia is a lot like casing that wraps around and in between muscles and other soft and hard tissues of the body, connecting all the parts together. It literally encapsulates the tissue, like Saran Wrap. Its function is to provide continuity between the soft and hard tissues of the body, including muscles, as well as support separate, connect, divide, and protect the tissues. A restricted or tight fascia affects the transport of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues, and restricts healthy movement of your muscles.

Keeping this fascia flexible, lubricated, and supple, will give you better access to the muscle and help relieve tension.

Start gently. But don’t stop if it hurts in the beginning (that means you should do it more often).

Just remember, go slow.

Don’t forget to review your plank routine for this week!

Happy Planking!

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