Shamrock’n Half Marathon Re-Cap

Hope you all had a bright, sunny, happy, and green weekend.

As always, I’m bringing you a little re-cap of my race.

I ran in the Shamrock’n Half Marathon two years ago; but did the relay instead of the half-marathon.

So this St. Patrick’s Day was my first full Shamrock’n experience.

I loved it!

This race made my top three favorite races of all time.

The weather was perfect for running. At gun-time it was chilly, but once we started running, it was cool, breezy and perfect.

What I loved about the race

Everyone was decked out in their St. Patrick’s Day gear.

St. Patrick’s Day spirit was definitely in the air.

A ton of bands playing for us along the way.

Gated and secure bike parking.

Running together with Eric was a lot of fun!

A finishing lap at the Raley Field – you can’t help but sprint across the finish line.

An unexpected PR! Check my racing page for details.

Eric and I, met our friend Leslie and biked to the field early in the morning. Biking to the race was actually a great idea – no need to circle around looking for parking, and we got our legs working and warmed up before the run. After the race, we got out of Raley Field quickly and flushed out all the tension from our legs while biking home.

Raley Field before the race.

3-12-18 Sunrise Over Field

Pre-race with Leslie and Eric. Check out or festive attire and Team Veg jerseys, of course.

3-12-18 Pre-Race photos

Hitting the reverse plank post-race with Jed, from Team Veg.

3-12-18 Reverse Plank

By the way, have you continued with your plank-challenge?  It’s week three, we are almost there!

And of course, the re-cap wouldn’t be complete with a snap-shot of what we ate the night before.

Eric carb loaded, while I veggie-loaded.

3-18-13 Pre-Race Fueling

Eric had a (HUGE) bowl of quinoa/amaranth pasta with pumpkin seed-kale pesto and bell peppers. I had a loaded salad with the same pesto.

I’m not huge on “carb” loading. I like to feel content with my night-before meal, but not overly full for the next day. My huge salad was a perfect pre-race meal for this half-marathon.

We rehydrated with the lemon-lime recovery drink immediately and I had a protein-veggie smoothie when I got home. I had enough energy to teach Pilates HIIT right after and then spend the day biking and walking around town with friends.

So I would say, a nutrition success.

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  1. Jedidiah Soliz
    Posted March 19, 2013 at 11:27 pm | Permalink

    Nicely done Maria :) Great blog! Team Veg is lucky to have you as apart of our team :)

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