(Rainy) Marathon Checklist – The Night Before

It’s the night before the CIM!!!!

I’m feeling three things right now: anticipation, nervousness, and excitement.

I did a 3 mile run in the pouring rain this morning to get acclimated and was completely soaked by the end. The puddles! Oh the puddles!

There is supposed to be over an inch of the rain throughout most of the marathon, gusty winds, but not cold. The temp will stay somewhere between 56 and 61 degrees. If it wasn’t for the storm, the conditions would be perfect. But then it would be boring, right? Throw a storm into the mix and now we’re talking.

I was freaking out all week, but now I’m trying to stay calm. I have friends and family cheering me on, I have my Vega Superfood fueling my run, and the fact that we raised $1,551.2 for the ALS Association makes it that much sweeter and worthwhile. I’m just going to try to have fun with it and pretend I’m just playing in the rain. Haven’t done that in ages, so maybe it was time?

To prepare for tomorrow, I crossed all the necessities off the checklist.

Running Gear:

I focused on keeping all my running clothing tight to minimize chafing. A hat and Body Glide is a must in the rain. Because it won’t be cold, I don’t need too many layers – I don’t like being hot. Still debating the gloves for the actual run.

  • compression shorts
  • technical tank
  • arm warmers
  • top of the line socks (a must!)
  • gloves
  • hat
  • Body Glide (I’m putting this thing on every inch of my body, in order not to look like one big scab. This is one of the most important tips for running in the rain)

Shoes & Tech Accessories

I’m wearing my Garmin FR60, but not the heart rate monitor because of chafing. My heart rate monitor tends to move around and with the rain and all, it’s a recipe for disaster. I’ll be wearing my footpod to track my speed.

  • Nike Pegasus, time chip on

Warm-Up Clothes & Check-In Bag

I’ll be wearing sweats and a light sweatshirt to the race. It gets really crowded and we may have to walk for a while to get to the starting line. Getting cold before the race means your body will use its energy to stay warm rather than conserve energy for the race. Right before the race, I’ll drop my warm-up clothes in the bag and it will meet me at the finish line.

  • check-in bag tag attached
  • sweats
  • sweatshirt

DRY Clothes for After the Run

Eric will have these for me after the run. Packaged in a new Keiser bag I got at the Expo. Hopefully there will be enough energy for celebrations and walking around the Capitol to collect more swag! And if not, there will be a trip to an all you can eat brunch with family and friends – I don’t want to stay in my soaked clothes.

  • 2 pairs of dry socks
  • long training pants
  • windbreaker
  • North Face fleece sweatshirt (my favorite)
  • dry shoes

Ridiculous Water Gear

Check out this crazy yellow outfit! Pretty hysterical, right? I got it at the Expo yesterday. I’m only using it until we start running. I don’t want to get soaked right before the run while standing around, so I will peel this off and throw it out right before we start. Whatever I can do to keep myself dry for the longest time, works for me.

Eric and I also engineered a pretty nifty garbage bag vest. I’ll be wearing it on the run until it’s too hot to keep on. I didn’t buy those $200 jackets or vests that I would shed mid-way through and possibly lose, so this will do just fine.  We cut a hole for the neck and the arms, put some duck tape on it so the wind doesn’t go through and I’ll be good for a little while.I didn’t post a photo of it because a garbage bag with some holes is not very photogenic.

Keeping the core warm is my goal. Once I’ll have to shed this thing, it is what it is.

Pre/Post/Race Fuel

  • marathon pancakes  are made and ready for heating up in the morning
  • Pre-Workout Energizer ready to go, 20 minutes before the race
  • hydration belt ready: Vega gel packs, water, and Vega hydrator bottled up
  • Vega Recovery Accelerator and Recovery Protein Smoothie ready for the finish (Eric will have it for me when I’m done)

Marathon Playlist

Even though I don’t typically listen to music when I run, I’m bringing my iPod just in case. Packing it away tightly in a Ziploc bag. I figure I might have to dig deep for this run, and may need some extra motivation.

Ok friends, wish me luck!


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  1. Pilar
    Posted December 2, 2012 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    Aww this is awesome! Hope it went well! I’m not on FB so I can’t ask you there lol

    • Posted December 4, 2012 at 12:55 pm | Permalink

      Hi Pilar! Yes, it went well. It was a crazy storm, but made it that much more challenging and exciting in the end. My family and friends came out so support me, and Eric rode around on his bicycle to catch me at different points on the course. It was so nice to see some familiar faces!

      Why no more FB? We can always keep in touch here.

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