Thanksgiving Trees

Here is a picture of Kodu. Remember Kodu, our Japanese maple? We planted him in our patio plantar box 6 months ago. We don’t have kids or pets so we get excited about watching our little tree grow. Dorky right? But Kodu’s branches are turning bright pink and the leaves are a combination of gold, yellow, and rusty brown. All a reminder that it’s fall – my favorite time of the year in Sacramento because of all the trees.

Eric and I will  be spending Thanksgiving with his side of the family. For many people, Thanksgiving tends to be a hectic time of the year when everyone gets stressed about  things – traveling, cooking, traveling, and cooking. This year, as a family, we decided to keep it simple. Everyone will pitch in and we will make a simple meal. I’m making the main vegan dish – stuffed acorn squash.

It was very difficult for me to pick one thing (and I might sneak in my favorite vegan gravy recipe, courtesy of Mama Pea). Eric is making a Turkey (reminder: he is not vegan), and my brothers and sister in law— Kyle, Ryan, and Annie are all making something – it will be a surprise to me. Well, Kyle is not actually making anything since he will be in Philadelphia (btw, he also ran his first marathon this past weekend, so he is extremely cool), but he will be sending us a recipe that we will work on together. It better be vegan, Kyle (jk).

So I’m not going to go crazy and post all my favorite Thanksgiving recipes, sorry!  But I do promise to share my stuffed acorn squash recipe once I do the Thanksgiving recap.

The beauty of the stuffed acorn squash is that it’s not a one-time Thanksgiving deal – it’s a perfect meal for a dinner party, party for two, or even a meal for a party of one. It makes plenty of leftovers, too.

I have a lot to be thankful for every day. My beautiful family and a community of friends who are incredible cheerleaders and supporters of all my endeavors. And there are more to come that I promise to share with you all very very soon.

And since we are going down this road already, I have to say how genuinely impressed and thankful I am for everyone’s support for my marathon next week. With your help, we were able to raise $1,351 to benefit the ALS Association, and there are still 10 days until the marathon!

I can’t believe I’m running a marathon in 10 days!

I hope you can take it easy the rest of the week and let go of all the fuss that comes with the holidays, and just enjoy the company of your friends and family, maybe even read a book and relax. I read this one this month, and loved it.

It’s somewhat of an oldie by Donald Miller that I just came across a little while ago. It’s a book about creating your life, not just participating in it. It’s a good one if you are looking for something to make you think and reflect a bit. His style is very conversational, all over the place, and familiar. Like talking to an old friend – he makes you laugh and often take a pause to think.

Safe travels everyone, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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