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Hi all!

This weekend passed by in a breeze. Between teaching, birthday parties, and errands, I still managed to save some time and room in my stomach to try a couple Vegan Chef Challenge restaurants. Eric and I visited The Porch on Friday for some Southern comfort food. The line-up was nothing like I’ve ever had before. We had a fried avocado rice ball, potato cakes over sautéed green beans, and a waffle with a bourbon cinnamon sauce topped with coconut ice cream, whip cream and fresh berries. Heavy and decadent dishes, but extremely flavorful and creative. Sadly, I didn’t have a camera to capture the chef’s creations.

Since I wasn’t good about bringing my camera to the Porch, I grabbed it this evening on our outing to Capitol Garage. It was a great time with good friends from Sac Vegan Challenge and Team Veg. We all go together after the first annual Sacramento Community Vegan Fall Fest & Picnic. The picnic included food and drinks from local restaurants like The Plum and El Papagayo, and a highlight for me – a Team Veg rap from my fellow Team Veg teammate, Jed Soliz.

Here I am with Leslie and Lacey at the picnic.

So back to the food, can’t leave you hanging here.

First course was a sliced cucumber salad with bell peppers, onions, carrots, and spinach. It was light and refreshing; oil free and soaked in sweet rice vinegar and sesame seeds. Perfect way to start the meal.

The second course was Eric’s VCC entrée pic of the week – slow roasted vegetables and tofu over brown rice topped with avocado and a choice of butternut squash mole or curry sauce. The vegetables were cooked to perfection, especially the tomatoes. I ordered the mole and Eric got the curry so we had a few bites of each others.  It was a mixed verdict – I loved the hint of chocolate from the mole and Eric loved the curry. I would say that they were close to even overall.

Finally, there was dessert. One of the things I learned throughout the challenge is how to “save room for dessert”. I got used ignoring the dessert menu when we go out to eat because most of the time I’m either too full, or there are no vegan options. But I’m certainly embracing the dessert this month! I figured out that if I just save half the main entrée for lunch the next day, I have plenty of room to dig in!

The chef was serving a spiced pumpkin cake with a ginger glaze and orange buttercream frosting. Since it’s the beginning of October and all, I certainly appreciate the use of pumpkin. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll have a bowl of pumpkin oats tomorrow for breakfast; haven’t done that since last fall!

We split the gigantic piece three ways and it was the perfect way to end the evening.


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  1. Jedidiah Soliz
    Posted October 14, 2012 at 10:06 pm | Permalink

    Wow Maria! Your bloggs are so good!! You Rock! Thanks for commenting on my Team Veg Rap, lol! That was alot of fun and I’m glad you liked it :) I can’t wait to sing it for others and promote it!

    The porch and Capital Garage were both very good!! Aweome Pics!!!


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