Cuckoo for Cacao Crunch

Hi Limetreelifers!

First, I have an addiction to fess up to – there is a little bag of heaven for sale at the Co-Op, called Superfood Cereal, (Cacao Crunch flavor)by Living Intentions. That little bag will be the end of my wallet. It’s raw, vegan, and 100% to die for. With $7.99 (a little) bag, I can’t overindulge. Or can I? That’s the question I ask myself every week as I shop. The problem is that I eat it in like 3 days.

You have to give it a try. You just do.

As a matter of fact, please buy all of it so the store runs out. So far, I’ve been getting it at the Co-Op, but I’m sure Whole Foods carries it as well. Why is it so good? It’s just the right combination of everything amazing ya’ll – dark chocolate taste from the cocoa, with a bit of “gooey-ness” from the organic berries and dates. It’s so good, it has me saying “ya’ll”.

So, I am determined to make my own! I promise. You will see a recipe soon. I don’t have a dehydrator (must purchase soon), but I will attempt a baked version for now.

Second, I’m heading out to Tahoe tomorrow for a family weekend, celebrating family birthdays, anniversaries, and just catching up since we haven’t taken a trip like this in long time. Since it’s a cabin- type situation, I am packing up my vegan essentials. I made a quick trip to the Co-Op yesterday to pick up a few things.

Here’s the thing though about these trips with the fam – when staying at a cabin with a non-vegan family, I don’t typically bring separate meals for myself. Eating together is usually when we all hang out and bond, so the last thing I want is for people to spend time starting at my plate, worrying about what I’m eating or not eating, so I make it easy. I just bring a few key items – mostly for breakfast and lunch. For dinner, we always make a huge salad and I just add some more stuff to it, like avocado, quinoa, beans, and etc…or throw something vegan on the grill.

Here’s what I typically bring (staying 2-3 days):

  • Smoothie essentials (greens, bananas  {which I will freeze when I get there}, frozen berries {acai, blueberries}, fresh fruit {apples, pears}, protein powders {hemp powder, or Vega smoothie mix})
  • Almond milk
  • Coconut water
  • Salad fixings (greens, fresh vegetables for a BBQ and others to keep raw)
  • At least one meal prepped ahead with leftovers: Eric and I made a huge batch of enchiladas for everyone – chicken for all and veggie for us. We froze them ahead of time and will bake once we are there. I’ll serve them up with guacamole and a big salad)
  • Portobello mushrooms or tofu for grilling
  • Superfood Cereal for snack or breakfast, needs a category of it’s own :)

I’ll also be squeezing in about 10 miles of running while I’m there, so I need to make sure I have everything ready for post-run refueling, which means either Vega recovery powder, or ingredients for lemon-lime recovery drink. Since I’m running short on time before I go, I simply bought a couple of packets of Vega recovery accelerator.  And of course, I’m bringing a Pilates mat, which usually goes everywhere with me.

In other news, I have my hands full with another project. Remember I was telling you about the Vegan Chef Challenge in October? Well, the preparation for the event is in full swing. We are teaming up with a few amazing bloggers – Flora Foodie, What Runs Lori, Sacramento Vegan , Eat Well Live Free.  The ladies and gentlemen behind these blogs rock! I can’t wait to share a few deliciously vegan meals with them and keep tabs on all the participating restaurants on their blogs.

Tower Bridge Bistro
Image by: Alex Arnold Photography

Twenty one restaurants  will be participating this year, including some of my favorites, like the Grange. I’m especially excited for restaurants new to the competitions, especially those that have been my favorites in the recent months, like Kupros and Juno’s. Our team will be interviewing each restaurant and giving you all an opportunity to get the know the Chefs behind all the food. You will be able to find all the information posted on the Sacramento Vegan Challenge website, or read the latest and greatest on Facebook.

Ok, it’s bedtime for me, I’m doing long run with my buddy, Stacy again. This time, waking up at 4:00 am. Still need to get that headlamp!

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