Team Veg at McKinley Park

Good morning! Happy Saturday! 

I had a wonderful start to the day – met my fellow Team Veg teammates for a race to rebuild the McKinley Park playground. I was really impressed by the turn out and community support. As usual, Capitol Road Race did a wonderful job organizing the event. There were friendly neighborhood houses offering water and lemonade along the course, and even a front yard band cheering us on with live music.

Things started off with a kids 1/2 mile run. Rich Hanna got the kids pumped up!

I met up with two of my teammates, Jed and Madeline, before the race. Jed and I did a couple of loops around the park to warm up and get ready. Since I don’t do many 5K’s (speed is not my thing as much as distance), I am not in the habit of warming up. And wow, I’ve been completely underestimating the benefit of doing that. Because I’m used to longer distances and don’t train much for speed, I typically don’t even get warmed up until the 4th mile, so running a 5K is always tricky for me. Plus, I don’t do a ton of speed work during the week – a day of intervals is about all I’ve been doing in an effort to concentrate more tempo running and racking up the mileage.

Here we are after the run. I was so excited to hear that Jed took 1st place overall, with a 16 minute finish. Yup, that’s right – a plant-powered athlete we are all very proud of!

Congratulations Jed! Check out his cool, home-made race shirt. We are working on getting our logo shirts made very soon.

I had a decent time, nothing to rave about. I started out fairly slow and sped up as the race went along. I finished 8th in my age group and had a great time running with Madeline and enjoying the loops around the neighborhood. We ran past my favorite breakfast/brunch place in town, Orphan Cafe, which totally made me crave their Zen Breakfast.  If you live in the area, you have to give it a try – great unique menu and very vegan friendly.

I’ll update my race page with the results, but here are the stats.

This week was a good running week overall – so far I got about 32 miles in and will probably go on another short jog to hit 35. Next week, I’m going up to 40 and then 45. I’m going to have to start doubling up on certain days – maybe go out for a 5-7 miler in the morning and then another one in the evening some days of the week.

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday. Eric is back home from San Francisco, he’s building an apartment building in downtown San Francisco, so I haven’t seen him all week. We are off to visit my parents and run some errands. Maybe even fit in a little art gallery browsing at 2nd Saturday?


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