Just Do It.

What’s your thing?

I have a few, but one of them is running.

This evening, I decided to walk home instead of jog from my run. I am a morning runner because I love mornings and because the air is crisp, it’s quiet, and because I typically teach in the evenings. But this evening, I joined a couple of friends for a run at the park. Once I was done exhausting myself from the heat (morning people get the better weather), I decided I was going to walk home. I don’t do that enough because I’m always in a rush. I have to treasure moments like this; times when I don’t have to be anywhere and do anything.  It really got me thinking about how thankful I am that I’m able to run and move so freely.

On my walk, I saw a family – parents and four sons ranging from the age of eight to about sixteen, and a little girl, maybe five or six. It looked like they were out on a family walk; one big clan, marching together, but each individual spirit utterly apparent. They were all told by their mom to stick together, but they were still walking at different speeds and doing their own “thing”. The oldest (or the tallest) boy in the middle of the pack was roller blading AND reading a book. Not just reading it, but completely enveloped in it; quickly flipping through the pages, and running into his siblings from time to time. I can tell he had done this once or twice before.

Where am I going with all of this? I’m a weirdo that stares at people on the street. Well, maybe.

But the real point is that the boy’s “thing” was reading.

Yes, he has to go on these evening strolls with his family, but he brings what he loves along for the ride. He carries his love for this thing wherever he goes.

I was touched. It’s so often that I leave things that I love to do until the end of the day, or the end of the week.

If I can just get everything else done, I will get to it. Then we are too exhausted so we just plop on the couch and watch T.V.

Sound familiar?

Let’s stop doing that.

Whether it was reading, or a new sport I have not heard about, the roller reader made time for doing what he loved.

And so should all of us.

Let’s find our thing and do it. Other things can wait, they should wait. Our happiness depends on it.

Our sanity depends on it.

I don’t care if your thing is people watching, macaroon making, reading poetry, bedazzling. Whatever it is, do it because it will make you happy.  Go write, go sing, go act. Do it because when you do what you love you live an inspired life. You will inspire others, and serve others. Give that gift to yourself and you will be giving it to the world.

Doing what you love is contagious.

What’s your thing? I want to know!

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