First Pilates on Tour

I’ve been waiting for this weekend for quite some time. My first Pilates on Tour

Today was such a great learning experience – rooms full of Pilates mentors, master instructors, and teachers from all over the States and all over the world.

Not to mention all latest and greatest equipment. After taking a couple classes on the new reformer, I am determined to have one in my house. I don’t care if it has to sit in the middle of my living room.

It has to happen. 

I took two sessions today; a Reformer session with Tom McCook and a mat session with Lolita San Miguel. Two incredible people.

The depth of knowledge and expertise was unparalleled. If I can absorb at least 40% of the brilliance I learned from today from the two of them, I will be a happy.

Tom McCook’s class was about skillful cueing on the Reformer. He is truly a gifted teacher, and is able to explain complicated, nuanced anatomy with such ease and skill. Lolita was absolutely brilliant in her demeanor, knowledge, and delivery. Since she worked with Joseph Pilates himself, she was a wealth of information about the traditional method. She is such a lovely person and was a joy to be around.

I didn’t bring my camera to the event, for one because I didn’t want to carry an additional item since I was going to be walking, taking the bus, BART, and the train! Plus I figured I would be in class most of the day anyway, and I was not about to disrupt class by snapping photos.

I did take a couple of photos on instagram though, my new favorite little app.

Waking up in San Francisco this morning – it was a cold one with a little drizzle, but still beautiful as always.

My badge and a brand new mat. Love the color.

Meeting people so intimately involved in this craft is exciting and once again reinforces that there are many deep layers to Pilates. As long as we look deeper and desire to learn, there are endless possibilities.

I was only able to do one day of the conference, but I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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