Going Raw – Day 3 is Hump Day

Hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July!

Eric and I spent the day visiting the family and soaking up the sun. Mid week holidays are strange; it felt like a Saturday all day, but tomorrow is definitely not a Sunday! 

After my morning cup of lemon with water, Eric and I went to the studio for a workout. I worked out on the Reformer, while he did some spinning. I didn’t do an intense workout, but pushed it and had a good amount of energy. At this point, I don’t crave the coffee in the mornings or have any funky withdrawal symptoms like headaches or lack of clarity and focus. But I sure do miss it when I smell it, and an iced latte from Temple just sounds like a perfect treat.

By the time we got home from the studio, I was ready for my morning smoothie. Same one as I had yesterday – The Glowing Green. Sounds strange, but I love the hint of cilantro in there – just brightens it up a bit. I had some left over so I had it for an afternoon snack.

The timing for lunch was way off since we were at the pool, so I had to tide myself over with some raw almonds. My mom made a delicious spread of food and it smelled wonderful. Unfortunately, I couldn’t partake. I had a salad with shredded cucumbers, carrots, with an avocado “cream”. 

I had some fruit and the rest of my smoothie from this morning around 5 o’clock as a snack.  

I was much hungrier overall today, and had more cravings for delicious things I saw at my parent’s house – honey peanut butter, fresh cranberry bread, and a couple of my mom’s salads. I had a cup of ginger tea, which suppressed my “need” to have a piece of cranberry bread. Going strong! 

Dinner was around 8:00pm, and it was a tomato soup I made in a Vitamix this morning and packed it to-go. A soup of 3 ripe tomatoes, celery, onion, almond milk, salt, pepper, garlic, and nutritional yeast. I’m loving how quickly these meals come together. 

Last night, I took an epsom salt bath, and it was divine. Drew the bath a little too warm, even for me, but it was so relaxing. Epsom salts are made of the magnesium sulphate, which draw toxins out of the skin, reduce inflammation, and soothe muscle soreness. My body was so relaxed after the bath, and went straight to bed.


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