Going Raw – Day 1

I woke up grouchy this morning. Not sure if it’s because I went to bed really late, or the thought of not having caffeine for the next five days was too much to handle on a Monday morning. I made myself some warm water with lemon to soothe the soul. Love to starting my day with lemon water!

I woke up a bit later than I wanted, so I didn’t have time for Pilates or a jog. Instead,  I spent the morning making sure I was prepared for the cleanse. I made almond milk (soaked the almonds overnight) and breakfast. To make the almond milk, I used my Vitamix and a cheesecloth to separate the pulp. It was actually surprisingly easy, but since I didn’t really know what I was doing, the kitchen turned into a mess. 

While I was at it, I made some breakfast to bring to work. I used Ashley’s recipe for pecan porridge – almond milk, berries, pecans and an apple.

I was starving and had very low energy when I got to work (lack of sleep and coffee), but my breakfast got me going. 

By the time it was noon, I was ready for lunch! I had a sprout salad with sprouted mung beans and lentils; filled me up pretty well. A few hours later, I had a few celery sticks and cherry tomatoes. Interestingly enough, I was not craving anything between lunch and the celery snacks – I would normally snack at least once during that time. I also drank A LOT of water and felt thirsty all day. I wasn’t eating anything particularly salty or dehydrating (obviously the veggies are not), so I must just be more aware of how thirsty I am. I had about 3 liters of water while at work! Probably a record for me. 

My snack tied me over to dinner – Fettuccine Zucchini “Pasta” with cashew-macadamia nut sauce. This recipe is without a doubt a keeper. Eric joined me for my raw dinner and it actually filled him up. 

I’m really surprised how full I felt the entire day – I thought I would be starving. 

Overall, I’m definitely feeling the lack of caffeine and had less energy throughout the day. At the same time though, I felt more calm and less stressed. 

So there it is – lack energy, full, thirsty, and calm. Interesting combination. 

As a part of day 1 of the cleanse, the Generosity Cleanse encourages you reflect upon your deepest intention for doing the cleanse. What is it about detoxing my body sounded appealing to me? When I give it some serious thought, it’s about feeling my body – connecting to it,  treating it well, becoming more aware of how I feel. This goes hand in hand with my overarching goal to slow down and stay present. 

Thinking of wrapping up Day 1 of the cleanse with a cup of ginger lemon tea and some stretching on the mat. The goal is to go to bed no later than 10:00 tonight. 

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