Summer Produce Fun

Summer is here! And with summer comes an abundance of some of my favorite produce: berries, tomatoes, nectarines, avocados, and the list goes on and on.

My favorite summer food is simple, and requires less cooking. Less time to spend in a hot kitchen and more time to spend outside! I love green and grain salads, smoothies, juices, and more raw meals.

Last time I created a list of seasonal produce was in the winter. I skipped spring for some strange reason, so it’s time for an update. This is a rough list, based on Northern California, so be sure to find your own seasonal produce. Sustainable Table is a great resource.

Remember to buy organic when you can, especially the produce with highest pesticide residue. Find the Dirty Dozen here’s a list, and reasons to consider eating organic  if possible or available to you.

Summers are also filled with potlucks, backyard parties, and bbq’s.  Here’s an idea for a twist on a traditional and potato salad, which can often be very heavy. This version is inspired by my mom’s Russian Potato Salad – perfect balance of starch and acidity – but absent my mom’s use of meat and mayo. Perfect for potlucks and bbq’s and can be made ahead of time. Best part? It’s delicious because all the produce is in season, bursting with flavor and nutrients.

Simply boil red new potatoes, let them cool and cut in half. In they go with roasted asparagus, shallots, peas, and a hummus-whole grain mustard dressing. Add diced pickles for an extra acidity kick. YUM.

Have a great Sunday, I’m off to teach my class! 

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