A Bag Full of Lemons

During a recent visit to my grandmother’s house, Eric and I walked away with a big bag of lemons. My grandmother has a lemon tree and Eric (being the tallest one) helped her pick the hard to reach few. As a reward, we got enough lemons to cure an entire city of scurvy.

I recently started a habit of beginning my day with a lemon concoction – juice of half a lemon, a pinch of fresh grated ginger, and a drizzle of honey all dissolved in a cup of warm water. I normally sip it in the morning, after doing Pilates or going for a run, or while getting ready for work.

Why lemon?

Lemons are known for their therapeutic properties — especially for their anti-bacterial and cleansing effects on the body. Though lemon is acidic to taste, it has an alkaline effect on the body when digested. Why does that matter? Our body works constantly to keep our acid-alkaline blood levels in balance. When your body is more acidic, it is more susceptible to disease and inflammation. Vitamin C found in lemon boosts your immune system, controls blood pressure, clears skin, and promotes hydration. Lemon also acts as a natural diuretic which flushes toxins out of your body at a faster rate.

I have a glass of warm lemon water every morning at least a half hour before I eat anything else. Not only do I feel refreshed and relaxed after my morning cup, I enjoy starting my day with a sip of something warm and cleansing.

After sipping on lemon water for a few weeks, a fellow blogger recommended adding ginger and honey to my daily elixir. I love ginger, so I gave it a try. Now, the lemon-ginger-honey water is a daily habit.  Ginger also reduces inflammation, boosts immunity function, reduces growth of bad cells in the body.  This trio is my favorite but you can simply squeeze juice of half a lemon and add to a cup full of warm water.

In my experience, when you start the day off on a good note, you are more likely to have a healthy approach to the rest of the day.

And if you need a simple Mint Lemonade Recipe, here’s the ratio I use: 4 cups water, ½ cup sugar, and 1 cup lemon.

Simply, dilute ½ cup of sugar (sucanat, maple sugar or etc…) in 1 cup of warm water so the sugar fully incorporates. Then pour the remaining 3 cups of cold filtered water and 1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice into a pitcher. Add the sugar-water into the pitcher once it cools. Add a few sprigs of mint to the lemonade and let it do its magic for a few hours. Drain the mint if you prefer, or leave it in. Use a couple of extra mint leaves for garnish. Because I try to stay away from refined sugar, this recipe is only slightly sweet.

Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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