News! News! And 4 Tips for Staying Committed (to Yourself).

Get ready! I have very exciting news to share with you! I will be teaching my first official class at a Pilates studio. I have been doing Pilates at this studio myself for at least a year (but probably close to two) and have loved it. Now, I will actually be on the calendar and teaching my own class on Sundays starting in a couple of weeks! It feels a little surreal and unexpected, but I’m ready. It’s great to start at a place I feel comfortable and work alongside instructors that I greatly admire. Can’t wait for all the new possibilities and changes to come. One step at a time, right?

With all the exciting changes around me, I have been reflecting on what to do to slow down and ground myself. A lot of that for me is committing myself to my own Pilates practice, or committing myself to my mat and getting back into meditation. You may think that it’s easy since I teach Pilates, but when I teach it’s all about the class, and each individual in the class is my priority – I’m not there to get my own “workout”.

We have so many commitments in our lives – to our job, to our family, to our friends, to service, which leaves little time for us to stay committed to our own goals. Taking the time for my own Pilates practice is so important because it grounds me and gives me the ability to give to others – I look at it as staying committed to myself. So I took some time to reflect upon committing yourself to Pilates or any activity of your choice.

4 Tips for Staying Committed (to Yourself). 

1. Set a goal: What do you hope to gain from your Pilates sessions? Greater flexibility? Arm Strength? Relaxation? It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does have to be your own goal. The more specific you can be with your goals the better so you know what you are working toward.  Your goal can be as simple as coming to class 3 times a week. After you pinpoint the results you are looking for and if the opportunity is available, talk to your Pilates instructor about your goals, and come up with a plan together.

This short video from the Pilates Collective  has great tips for setting your short term and long term goals. If you are close to the Sebastopol area, I highly recommend you check out the Pilates Collective.

Click here for video

2. Put it on your calendar: You just set a goal so now you need to follow through. A goal without a plan is just a dream, right? With life often moving 1,000 miles a minute, time is precious. There are always other important things you can do, so schedule your personal health and mental well-being time as you would your meeting at the office, or your kids’ soccer game. When we overcommit or get busy, and don’t see a scheduled Pilates session on the calendar, we will simply skip it. Find a time that works for you most of the time and put it on the calendar. We often feel guilty about this personal time and tell ourselves we should be doing other important things; however, if you take just a little time to schedule in your commitment to yourself, you will feel less run down, more energized and less stressed, which will allow you to do all those other things.

3. Go with a friend: if you commit to exercise with someone else, you are much more likely to continue.  In a small class setting, you have a commitment to the teacher as well as other people in the class, especially if you have a friend who attends sessions with you. Not only does it make class more fun, but the joint commitment makes it harder for you to cancel, and will guide you toward your personal goal.

4. Pay attention: focusing your attention inward will lead to you to better practice. Better practice will lead you to better results and better results equal greater satisfaction. Think of your session as time to be with yourself and tune into your body – your grocery list can wait. By focusing on your breath, and your movement, not only will you spot breaks in form, you will also engage and train your brain! You already made the commitment to yourself to make it to class, so why not reap the full benefits by being 100% present.

So there you have it! I’m making an appointment with my mat tomorrow morning, and cancellations are not allowed. Hope you’ll join me!

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