Finding Goals in a Whirlwind

Lately, I have been trying to find clarity in my life in the midst of a whirlwind. I’m sure you noticed that my blog entries have been behind “schedule”. I have been a little stuck in the blogging world and in life – between responsibilities, chores, work, and my journey to becoming a Pilates instructor. I haven’t written a post since the Anne Bishop interview, and my entries before that were few and far in between. Why? The short answer is that I have been busy with these activities, and didn’t think you wanted to read about them. I tried to come up with something “fun” for you to read, but just sat at my computer searching for content. I didn’t want to waste my time and yours on things that would be fun for you to read but not fun for me to write. To be honest, I had plenty of things to talk about, but was doubting and judging myself, thinking that you would not be interested. Ultimately though, the way I feel about limetreelife is that if it doesn’t feel “100% me”, I would rather not write about it. So, I didn’t. Are you thoroughly confused by now?  It’s actually not that complicated.

Let me explain…

Let truth be told, I am sort of  “in between things” right now. There are many scary-wonderful changes that will happen shortly in my life, some of which already started happening after I began the Pilates certification process. I completed the mat Pilates program, and getting there with the equipment portion of the training. That means teaching, taking classes, observing, taking workshops, and teacher trainings. I have been practice-teaching two mat classes a week, and just a few steps away from being able to officially teach! I am beyond thrilled and I know it’s so worth it. I said it already and I’ll say it again; I get personal satisfaction if you leave your class with me feeling just a little better, stronger, more peaceful, or proud of yourself for simply making it to class.

As fun and exciting as this journey is, like many of you out there, I have a very demanding career that consumes a lot of my time.

Making both things happen at the same time is difficult. My work is mentally challenging and draining. This time of year, I’m working long hours in a very stressful environment. That leaves little to no time for anything else, and what’s worse is that it often leaves me uninspired at the end of the day. A big a thank you to my wonderful husband, who has been picking up the slack at the grocery store and in the kitchen, making fabulous healthy meals for us. {Most recently a summer pasta, and veggies and portobellos on the grill, YUM}. Adding housekeeping and other chores to the mix as well trying to be a considerate wife, friend, and daughter leaves very little time to spare. I do however, find that when I spend quality time with family and friends, they fuel me and give me the fire to pursue my dreams.

So in the past few week, there were many things I wanted to write about but haven’t because I was letting fear stop me. {Way to follow my own advice about facing fear!} I haven’t cooked an “exciting” recipe in two weeks, and was feeling guilty about that. At the same time though, I had many other important things to share with you – posts on Pilates workouts, finding inspiration, and fitness tidbits. Why didn’t I? It’s the whirlwind. 

I decided that I need to remind myself of two things: 

I have to visualize my goal. I would be lying if I said that pursuing my passion on top of work (and all other parts of life) has not been challenging. But my destination keeps me sane. I believe that if I can visualize it, I can achieve it. Sometimes painting a clear picture in your head of what you want to do, will help you stay on track. I visualize teaching at a Pilates studio that I love. I can see myself being involved in the Pilates community. I can see myself writing, connecting with people on limetreelife, making new friends. I can see myself going to bed exhausted but fulfilled and waking up early, ready to take on the day. Is the picture crystal clear? No, not yet. But it’s getting there.

I have to be honest. One thing about pursuing your dreams while you are working full-time, is that it leaves  little room for other things. Because you are dramatically short on time, you have to focus on the most important things, which leaves little room for insincerity. Distraction creeps in when you get lost. For me that means a precious hour is spent watching useless reality T.V. late at night just to zone out rather than practicing a new move. This tends to happen when I get off track. I find that being honest with yourself is often difficult, especially when you  fight your true nature and true desires. If anything feels unnatural, don’t do it. Playing electronic music in my Pilates class feels unnatural, so I don’t do it.  Often what you really want to do is hard to pinpoint, so I like to take a step back and just do simple activities I enjoy. This usually calms me down, and leads me to answers. Ask yourself tough questions and be ready to accept the answers.  A lesson I continue to learn is that if you keep forcing yourself to do something that does not feel natural to you, you may be good at it with practice, but you won’t be great. If your heart is not in it, it will be exhausting and not rewarding in the end.

WHOA! It feels great to share this with you. Cheers to BIG DREAMS and even BIGGER OUTCOMES!

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