Winter Kale and Kamut Salad

Continuing on my kale streak, I couldn’t let you jump into spring without giving you a kale salad recipe. What’s one more kale recipe, right?  This is a really easy one. Kale is in season from December to February, so here is your chance to put it to good use before you have to let go. At least one of us will be sad to see it leave the market :)

I was recently inspired by a kale and roasted grape salad I had at a restaurant. Since local grapes are nowhere to be found, I decided to make my salad with apples. Crisp, fresh, and a perfectly crunchy companion to kale. I was set on making this easy kale salad tonight with some kind of a grain. I was going to use quinoa, but then saw this interesting looking grain at the store, called Kamut. I have never cooked it before, but I heard from others that it was great in salads. Israeli couscous or quinoa (if you want to go gluten free) can be substituted for the Kamut.

What is Kamut?
Kamut is a close relative to wheat, but the kernel is twice as big.  It has a buttery flavor and chewy texture, perfect in salads. Kamut contains 30% more protein than wheat, and has more Vitamin E, thiamin, riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. Not a great source of fiber, though. Kamut also has less gluten than wheat, which is the reason that many people who are allergic to wheat can tolerate Kamut. Disclaimer: if you are allergic to wheat, I am not advocating for you to eat a big bowl of Kamut (I would check with your doctor first).

The only drawback is that Kamut needs to be soaked over night, or it takes an hour to cook. Fine if you’re getting things done while waiting, but if you don’t want to wait an hour, plan ahead and soak overnight. I’ve been doing quick dinners lately, so I soaked the grains last night, to make dinner easy tonight.

1 cup cooked Kamut
7 kale leaves, approx (curly kale)
2 crisp apples (Pink Lady or Fuji)
1/2 red onion
pinch of cinammon

1 lemon
3 Tbs olive oil
1 1/2 Tbs sweet & spicy mustard
1/2 tsp salt
salt and pepper, to taste

1. Soak 1 cup of kamut overnight in water (with water 2 inches above the grains). Boil the water, add 1 teaspoon of salt and cook the Kamut on medium-low heat for 40 minutes  (3 cups water, 1 cup kamut), with a closed lid. If you are not going to soak the kamut overnight, then cook for an hour. Once the grain is cooked, it will be slightly al dente and chewy, not mushy.

2. Wash, dry, and de-stem the kale. Cut into bite-sized pieces.

3. Core, and cut an apple into bite-size pieces.

4. Cut the onion into thin strips, and sauté over low heat until caramelized. Sprinkle with a pinch of cinnamon.

5. Prepare the dressing. In a small bowl, or a dressing emulsifier, combine the olive oil, lemon juice, lemon zest (of one lemon), mustard, and salt and pepper.Whisk or spin.

6. Once the Kamut is done cooking, rinse with cold water to cool. Toss with half the dressing and stir in the caramelized onions. Add to the kale and apples, and toss the salad with the rest of the dressing.

Zesty, crisp, and fresh.

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