Gift Wrapping Ideas: Keeping it Simple

Once I got home from work, my goal was to finish wrapping gifts. First thing is first – a cup of tea. I went for a cup of green kiwi and pear tea from The Republic of Tea. I keep a box of green kiwi at work for the occasional afternoon tea breaks.

Ok, onto gift wrapping. I’m sure most of you already finished wrapping your gifts, but in case you didn’t, or haven’t even started, no need to panic or run to the store for supplies. You can get really creative with things you probably already have at home.

I didn’t want to buy any more gift wrapping “stuff” this year, I just wanted to keep it simple. I mostly used what I had on hand; just bought some red ribbon to tie it all in. Here is what I used:

Paper bags: I discovered that brown paper bags from the grocery store make great wrapping paper.

Newspaper: I get newspapers at the office, and they just end up in recycling anyway, so why not reuse them? It’s fun to go through the paper and find pages that remind you of a certain person. Are you wrapping a gift for a football fan? Add a ribbon, twine, or just keep it simple.

Magazines: If you have a magazine subscription, chances are, you have a bunch of magazines laying around. Why not reuse them? I used Eric’s cycling magazine to wrap one of his gifts. Once I saw the article about “101 Things We Love About Cycling”, I had to use it.

Tip* if you’re using a your husband’s magazine, make sure it’s one you he already read. Let’s just say I got in trouble when Eric saw it under the tree. I did get credit for creativity though.

Paper gift bags: I bought a couple packs of brown paper gift bags from Michaels a while back, and still had a bunch left over. I think a pack of  10 cost me about $5.  You can individualize them by adding ribbons, bows, or again – just keep it simple. These are great to have on hand when you have an impromptu gift to wrap. And they are totally re-usable.

Fabric napkins: I tried to use wrapping that people can either re-use or recycle. You can wrap the gift in the napkin or use it instead of tissue in a gift bag. That way, the wrapping is another little gift in itself :)

Simple boxes: No need to wrap them; they look great with a simple bow, twine, wood fiber, or raffia.

I used wood gift tags. Prior to finding those in my craft box (leftovers from the wedding), I was going to make them myself by cutting them out of vintage lined paper. They came out great.

Here is our small tree, her name is Stella. Yes, we named her.

If you need more inspiration, here is a great post on gift wrapping and reducing waste during the holidays.

Happy wrapping!

The past 5 hours have been a whirlwind of activities in preparation for the holidays. We will be traveling a lot in the next two weeks. First, it’s Christmas with Eric’s parents and siblings, and then my birthday trip to Portland!

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