Setting Goals and Making Gifts

At this point, I can actually tell you more about setting goals than making gifts for the obvious reason that I will spoil the surprises. This year, Eric and I decided to make some of our gifts. I spent the last week buying all the necessary supplies and getting organized in my head. I spent all of last night making them (with crucial help from Eric). I had the Christmas music going in the background and got so carried away that I made more things than I originally planned. I have to finish up tonight.

Although I am dying to share them with you, I will reveal all the projects Christmas day. But I just had to give you a snapshot of last night. The kitchen was a mess! This is just one corner of it.

And here is another hint.

Ok, I’m done now. You’ll see the rest on Christmas.

Now, as far as “setting goals for the year” goes, I’m technically new to this. Not the setting goals (in general) part, but the part where you write them out. I usually have a running list of things I want to do in my  head all the time. And I try to get them done as quickly as I can. I think this often leads me to do too many things at once and not “enjoy the ride”, as much as I would like. So in an effort to live my life more peacefully, and take deeper breaths every day, I’m going to try to take on those goals, one at a time, and enjoy the process. No need to have 100 of them, just a few simple goals to start:

  • receive the full Mat Pilates certificate
  • re-design my website
  • go on more “dates” with Eric
  • run a marathon
  • grow limetreelife
  • figure out my niche

Some of these are a bit more difficult to quantify, but even if I just do a little better in those categories, that’s progress.  The last thing I need is for this exercise to be completely overwhelming.

I think it will be great to have my goals in one place, so I could refer to them throughout the year.

Please share – do you have a habit of setting goals? How do you keep track of them? 

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  1. sofiya
    Posted December 18, 2011 at 3:09 pm | Permalink

    can’t wait to see what you made with all this stuff.
    i like to set goals and think of small steps that each goal requires. some ppl write them down but i like to just think it through so i know where to start.

  2. Posted December 18, 2011 at 7:37 pm | Permalink

    I like that you said “small steps”. I think it makes things more doable that way and less overwhelming.

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