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A good friend of mine, Caitlin, asked me to do a post on what I normally eat for each meal throughout the week. I thought it was a great idea, so I’ll do it for a week starting today. This will be fun! I’ll post my daily meals every couple of days.

When it comes to meal planning, I love leftovers and planning ahead. Since my J-O-B takes up the bulk of the day, I try to make a couple of big meals throughout the week and heat up leftovers for dinner. Eric and I usually buy most of our groceries once a week at the co-op, and pick up the rest from a nearby TJ’s. I also go to the farmer’s market about once a week, but don’t do it as often in the wintertime.


I went to a pilates class this morning and was hungry when I got home. I typically do pilates in the evenings, but I took a class with a new instructor and LOVED it.

Breakfast was oatmeal topped with sliced bananas, chia seeds, crushed pecans, and a spoonful of persimmon jam. I would normally have tea, but I had a coffee date with a friend this morning. Got myself a yummy chai latte.

Lunch was a a big salad. Greens mixed with spiced quinoa, brocolli, mushrooms, chickpeas, and dressed with a cumin vinaigrette.  That’s my huge water canteen in the background. I try to  re-fill it couple times a day. I also had an apple for dessert and a pear later in the day for a snack. I seriously eat about 4 pieces of fruit a day!

Sorry for the picture quality –  an iPhone is no DSLR.

I knew what I had to make for dinner – pumpkin lasagna. I was inspired by a recipe I saw at Veggie Num Num. I didn’t really feel like taking on the lasagna tonight, but I knew I had to do it because  Eric was running all over town yesterday looking for whole wheat lasagna noodles. For some reason all the grocery stores ran out of lasagna noodles? I could have made it pasta-less, but my mind was already set. So was Eric’s. On lasagna.

Roasted the pumpkin with thyme, cumin, paprika, coconut oil, lemon juice and salt and pepper.

Assembled the layers. Seasoned tomatoes and pasta top those veggie layers.

My little trick for crushing the nuts (without using a food processor) is to throw them in a bag and use Eric’s  5 pound meat tenderizer. As much as I love my food processor, I don’t love washing it.

Dinner is served. We had the lasagna alongside a simple butter lettuce salad with a raisin fig vinaigrette.

It tasted great overall, but I was not crazy about the pumpkin. I think I will use acorn squash next time.

Have a great evening.

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