Testing out the Webber

I got Eric a Webber for his birthday last week and he was eager to try it out. Rather than grilling meat, which as you know I don’t eat, Eric decided to make portabella burgers and veggies so we could enjoy our dinner together. It was a perfect evening for grilling — the weather this fall has been incredible and the evenings and mornings are so cool and crisp. So we went to the Natural Foods co-op and picked up whatever veggies looked good to throw onto the grill in addition to our portabellas, which ended up being bell peppers, red onions, and a variety of winter squash. Eric marinated the portabellas in a delicious but super simple marinade, and mixed the veggies with an herbed olive oil before grilling, which made all the flavors pop.

Portabella Marinade

Soaking in the marinade

Veggie Prep

Prepped for the grill

Portabella Burger


Ingredients – portabella marinade

  • 4 Tbsp olive oil
  • 2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
  • 4 chopped or pressed garlic cloves
  • fresh parsley
  • lemon juice or lime juice of one lemon or lime

Ingredients- veggie rosemary oil

  • rosemary
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper


Mince or press the garlic cloves and chop the parsley. Squeeze the juice of one lemon or lime, combine all the ingredients and mix with a whisk or a fork. Liberally brush 2 portabella mushrooms with the mixture and pour any remaining marinade over the mushrooms and let them sit for at least 30 min. Meanwhile, in a big bowl mix the veggies (bell peppers, red onions, and chunks of squash) with rosemary oil and salt and pepper to taste. Set a bit of rosemary olive oil aside for later (for spreading onto the burger buns).

Grill the mushrooms for about 7 minutes per side. Grill the peppers, onions, and squash. Once all the veggies are grilled, brush whatever bread or burger buns you are using with a little rosemary olive oil and warm up on the grill.  We used ciabatta bread for our burgers and the burger turned out great. To assemble the burger, spread any kind of hummus you like on the bread, place the portabella on the bun, then the grilled bell pepper, grilled onions and a fresh tomato. And just like that, you are done. So simple and delicious!

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